Passive Coin Trade (PCT)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Q&A's below to see if your questions are answered here before sending support tickets.


1. What is the purpose of PCT?

The purpose is to provide valuable services to PCT members.
Providing various means to earn passively with BCCA coins.

2. What Makes PCT a Passive Opportunity?

Each member can participate passively by purchasing a plan and let professional traders trade their coins for profits.


3. How can I earn passively with PCT?

    There are currently two ways you can earn.

    1: By selecting a passive Cryptocurrency plan of your choice.

    2: A unique free BCCA coin claim feature where you click once a day to claim free coins,
        plus a referral reward "Get Paid" to Refer others to our project, Participation is encouraged but 100% optional.


4. What plans are there to choose from?

    PCT has three different plans for members to earn BCCA coins passively.

  1. 30 day plan pays 10% plus principle returned, minimum 600 BCCA

  2. 60 day plan pays 24% plus principle returned, minimum 1000 BCCA

  3. 90 day plan pays 42% plus principle returned, minimum 5000 BCCA


5. What makes PCT different than other passive income opportunities?

- PCT uses direct member involvement to make it the best it can be. ALL members are encouraged and rewarded in some cases to  participate and add value to the project.
- PCT has contests and allows voting by members when something needs to be added or changed.
- Most other opportunities are run by one or more individuals and they call all the shots.


6. What makes PCT sustainable for long-term success?

Trading the members cryptocurrency assets on the global market will grow the projects' cryptocurrency assets portfolio to sustain the project long term.


7. Is there a referral program?

Yes, we have a two level referral program for those that would like to share PCT with others. Level one pays 5% and level 2 pays 2%. Please remember that this is a 100% passive opportunity and no recruiting or sponsoring is required to earn profits, but you can if you wish to.


8. Are marketing materials available to members?

Yes, there are banners and text ads for those who wish to market the project.


9. How do I register?

Contact the person who shared this amazing opportunity with you and they will help you get started.
If you have no sponsor then simply click the Sign-Up button on the menu bar at the top of the homepage and register. 


Please see the "Tutorials” page for complete details.