Passive Coin Trade (PCT)

Terms & Conditions


Your Participation in the PCT Project Signifies that You Agree to the

Following Terms & Conditions:


1. I acknowledge that my BCCA coin investment objective is speculative in nature and my objective is to generate short-term profits. I understand that this type of project is not totally risk-free and may not be suitable for everyone.

2. I understand the operation of a discretionary account under various market conditions and have reviewed my investment objectives, financial resources and risk tolerance to determine whether third party crypto-currency trading is appropriate for me.

3. I represent that I am a knowledgeable in how PCT actually works, that I have conducted due diligence and consulted with other cryptocurrency professionals in order to fully understand the risks involved in crypto-currency and I also represent that I understand that the growth as stated in the plans is NOT guaranteed.

4. I agree that PCT, its website administrators, employees and agents, shall have no responsibility for any loss sustained in my crypto-currency account as a result of disruptions due to equipment failure, system breakdown, adverse market conditions, intervention by regulatory authorities, or any other similar unforeseen event.

5. I agree that all controversies between me and/or my principals or agents and PCT or its agents (including affiliated corporations) arising out of or concerning any of my accounts, order(s) or transaction(s), or the construction, performance, or breach of this or any other agreement between us, whether entered into before or after the date I determine to transfer funds to the website, shall be determined by arbitration. I hereby waive my right to seek remedies in court. I understand that pre-arbitration is generally more favorable however it may be limited and different from court proceedings.
Any arbitration under this Agreement shall be conducted between either me as the account owner and or a person acting as my appointed power of attorney and the PCT senior management personnel.

6. I acknowledge and understand that neither the owner(s) of PCT nor any one of the senior management staff has solicited me to participate and that I participate of my own free-will. Neither have they provided me with any professional tax advice or any form of investment advice.
I further understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to seek such advice from my own legal, tax, or investment counsel.

7. I acknowledge that PCT is relying on the agreements, representations and acknowledgments set forth herein as a condition of allowing access to the website and the crypto-currency earning plans.

8. I acknowledge and agree not to slander or state to any third parties negative information or opinions regarding the PCT project, the owners or management team. I understand that any such public slander or negative information by me will lead to my permanent loss of access to my account and subsequently be banned and my crypto-currency originally transferred to my PCT account will be returned to me without any earnings/returns less a 25% handling fee.

9. I acknowledge and agree that any and or all crypto-currency sent from my crypto-currency wallet address to any other wallet address other than the wallet addresses shown by the system will result in a 100% loss of my assets and I also acknowledge that all cryptocurrency transfers are final and irreversible.

10. I agree not to disparage or slander the PCT project in the event of any losses incurred due to negligence on my part.

11. A system-generated transaction of crypto-currency shall act as proof of delivery and a waiver of claims.


I have carefully read the above statements and representations and by using PCT website

and its services I acknowledge and agree to such statements and representations.