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Passive Crypto Plans Purchase Tutorial



- Log in to the back office.

- Go to “Financial” on the left-hand side menu, and then click “Select Plan”.

- There are 3 plans to choose from, a 30, 60 & 90-day plan, read through each one & chose which plan you’d like. You can purchase any plan or all 3 plans, one at a time. Each plan has a minimum and maximum.

- You can max the plans out in a single transaction or you can do multiple transactions/purchases up to a total combined amount of the maximum amount specified on each plan. Each transaction/purchase creates a separate plan!

- After you select your plan you can chose how much BCCA you would like to spend on the plan, the more BCCA spent on the plan, the higher your earnings in BCCA!

- If you have 600 BCCA coins or more in either balance then you can use your main balance, the re-purchase balance or both to purchase passive crypto plans. (Note: Both balances are selected by default)

- One option will use your main wallet balance while the other uses your earned re-purchase coins.

NOTE: The system will create a plan of whatever number of coins that are in the balance of 600 OR more unless you change the amount or number of coins you wish to spend from your balances before you click the button to purchase.

- Confirm that the correct balance you wish to use to purchase a plan is “Selected” prior to purchase, enter the purchase amount (You ONLY need to change the amount if you don’t want to spend the total amount available in the balances), on the next page, review the purchase, then confirm by clicking on the place order button.

The system then creates the plan, places it on your dashboard and it is automatically activated. You are then officially earning BCCA coins 100% passively in PCT!

Please Note: The plans will start earning upon BCCA going live on Bittoshi, our proprietary public exchange.






It’s basically the same process as explained above with the exception of the payment method.

You simply select a plan of choice, enter the number of coins you wish to put into the plan and click the button.

On the next page, you can see how many coins you have (IF any) in your account balances, IF so, the system has selected to use the coins in your balances by default thus if you have any coins and leave the checkmark’s then the system will deduct those coins from the amount you entered and will show you how many coins you need to send from your wallet to complete the purchase. You need to copy the “Exact” amount as shown on the payment page and paste it into your wallet, you then copy the BCCA wallet shown on the same page and send the coins to that wallet.

Please Note: The PCT management is NOT liable for any coins sent to an incorrect wallet!

Next, you need to get the transaction ID number (Found in the list of the transaction in the wallet used to send the coins) you just sent and paste it into the indicated field and click the button.

If you followed the steps correctly the system then places your new plan on your dashboard and will update the plan from “Pending” to "Active" once the coin transfer has been confirmed on the BCCA block explorer.

Please feel free to send a support ticket from within your back office if you need assistance.




This is a pilot project & plan details are subject to change.

Plan earnings will ultimately be dictated by the market & company trading performance.

Your BCCA coins spent on crypto plans & your plan growth is returned to your main account balance at plan expiry.



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